Bernie Le Battie Family Ministries exists to serve families and individuals who desire and are in need of healing and restoration of relationships through counselling and the power of God

The intentional and deliberate declaration to create, live and transfer The Legacy thereby impacting current and future generations according to Psalms 78


The Man

Born in the 1950’s into a large family of 5 brothers, 3 sisters and various aunts, uncles and cousins around, Apostle Bernie was raised in a God fearing, family – centred, values driven environment, which shaped his generational thinking and perpetuated his family focussed ideals.


Apostle Bernie Le Battie is first a Godly man, and then a family man, husband to one wife, the love of his life, Catherine Rose. They married in 1974 – and together, they are the proud parents of 3 beautiful daughters, also all married, and the proud grand-parents of 8 grand-children and countless other sons and daughters in the ministry and community at large.



The Ministry

He is the founding and presiding father of Family Restoration Ministries, located in Johannesburg, South Africa – a church who has the redemptive gift of restoring families and building a Godly Legacy through the power of Our Heavenly Father.


In 2012 he founded a ministry called Bernie Le Battie Family Ministries, and through the fatherhood anointing upon his life, fathers many Pastors and other five-fold minister in the Body of Christ both nationally and internationally. There are several national churches under his covering in South Africa as well as churches in Peru, Argentina and Chile.


“Godly fathers are an endangered species and are sorely needed in this time of fatherlessness, especially in the interest of posterity.”


In 2015 he submitted to the Apostolic calling upon his life and now functions in the office of the Apostle under the covering of Jabula Ministries Africa, headed by Bishop Tudor Bismark.


BLBFM launched a brand called “Quintessential” (meaning a perfect representation of quality and class). Under this brand name, he hosts conferences such as The Quintessential Family, The Quintessential Man, Quintessential Woman, etc.


Today, he ministers to the body of Christ via Radio, Television, seminars and on various social media platforms which allows for far-reaching ministry to the body of Christ across the nations. In years gone by, Apostle Bernie was actively involved in the media as a presenter at Radio Pulpit, guest at various national radio stations and Chairman of the Board of RainbowFM Community Radio Station 90.7.


He has started his book label with the ‘Let’s Talk’ series and presently authors the following books:  

  • “Let’s Talk, Submission” and

  • “Let’s Talk, Covenant, vows and the ties that bind”


The Mission

Apostle Bernie aggressively advocates that marriage is the first institution that God created, even before government and the church. Marriage is a masterpiece of all human relationship, and a reflection of Gods infinite wisdom and genius.


He believes that God honours the institution of marriage, even Jesus came into the world through a family structure.

If God is going to impact the world, He will, as always, do so through the family.


“Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.” – A.P.J.